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Image by Tomoe Steineck

Spotter Wave Buoy

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Jan 1, 2016


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Observational data from the ocean is tragically sparse and notoriously hard to collect. Spotter is out to change that. Through the Spotter Dashboard, you can access data from anywhere, change its settings, set alerts and notifications, and integrate with other tools via the API. Spotter lets you collect ocean data where you need it and access real-time updates on the go.
Spotter is solar powered which means that you never have to worry about running out of power.
Every part of Spotter is built to withstand the harshest ocean elements in any water condition, anywhere on our planet.
Roughly the size of a basketball, Spotter can be shipped anywhere around the world, carried by hand, and deployed without any special equipment.

Image by Dustin Humes

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