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Online Catalogue of Coral Technologies

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Feb 1, 2021

Daytona Beach, FL, USA

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Project Data

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CoralTech will be an up-to-date, online publicly accessible catalogue of coral restoration technologies and strategic technology gaps for the international coral restoration community. Periodic requests for information (RFIs) will be sent by CRC EIG to the restoration community to solicit insights on practitioner priorities, technology gaps, and technology developments. CoralTech will be populated and maintained by the EIG with practitioner and industry insights through the RFIs, and internal/external meetings. EIG will use CoralTech to classify and disseminate information on restoration technologies to the community. The CoralTech Inclusion Standards will be developed to guide the review of emergent technologies, and support CoralTech’s mission of disseminating information on safe and viable restoration technologies. As an objective bridge that dovetails practitioner priorities and industry technology development, CoralTech will become a platform that guides and catalyzes the safe and sustainable transfer of coral restoration technologies to practitioners in the water.

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