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Refer to the information below to understand the various Technology Readiness Levels, Technology Areas, and Restoration Activities we use to classify CoralTech technologies! Refer to the "Help" documents for additional guidance, or "Get in Touch" with our team members for specific needs!

Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

Technology Readiness Level

Technology Readiness Level (TRL) metric describing maturity relative to the readiness and ability to implement the technology.

TRL1 - Basic Scientific Research

TRL2 - Technology Formulated

TRL3 - Proof-of-Concept Constructed

TRL4 - Component-level Testing

TRL5 - Lab Tested in Realistic Setup

TRL6 - Full Prototype Testing

TRL7 - Field Tested by Developers

TRL8 - Field Tested with End-Users

TRL9 - Successful Deployment with Users


Technology Area

Technology Area (TA) describes what technology was developed in the project.

TA1 - Adhesives & Fixtures

TA2 - Structural Materials

TA3 - Structures

TA4 - Sensors

TA5 - Aquarium Tools

TA6 - Laboratory Tools

TA7 - Robotics

TA8 - Containers, Tanks, & Vehicles

TA9 - Other

Image by Tomoe Steineck
Image by NOAA

Restoration Activity

Restoration Activity (RA) describes what kind of activity was performed for the project for the coral restoration.

RA1 - Collection

RA2 - Fragmentation

RA3 - Storage & Transportation

RA4 - In-Situ Rearing

RA5 - Ex-Situ Rearing

RA6 - Structure Deployment

RA7 - Outplanting

RA8 - Monitoring

RA9 - Other


Eligibility Criteria

In order for a coral technology project, product, or program to be listed on the CoralTech, it must meet the following inclusion criteria:

  • Entry must be written to objectively describe the project, product, or program.

  • If submission = TRL 0 (Concept / Idea)

  • If submission ≥ TRL 0

    • Proof of project progression - may include images, videos, or documents outlining basic research, development plans, funding contracts, or other project outputs.

    • Must be developed or supported by a formally recognized organization, company, university, or government entity.

      • For externally supported projects, verification of support (e.g., contract, letter of support) by the supporting entity is required.

Image by Matteo Vella

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